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Moisturizing Conditioning Nourishing Revitalizing

A new all-natural, exclusive moisturizing, hydrating skin conditioner and body-care 
revitalizing vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 
All-natural ingredients from Greece, Italy, France, India, Spain, Africa, The Orient, Brazil,
Egypt, The Americas, The Oceans and The World's Rain Forests including
Shea, Mango, Sweet Almond, Coconut, Olive, Aloe Vera, Camellia, Myrrh, Green Tea, 
Sea Kelp, Acai, Jojoba, Lavender, Sunflower botanicals and pure oils that
aids the skins natural healing abilities,
promotes healthier tone and quality resulting in more clarity and radiance,  
relieves and alleviates many forms of eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea,
aids the regeneration of new healthier skin cells,
reduces fines lines and wrinkles, and,
protects and defends the skin against our harsh and ravishing environment

with all natural skin protection properties...

The way nature intended with the
wholistic approach.

Many people have asked, why did you create this cream?

I simply answer, Im just a Mom, who needed a cream that's pure, natural, safe,
effective, and does what it should."  This all began in early 2002 when my son came to
me one day and said, "Mom, you have YAYA (Grandmother) HANDS!" 
I had neglected my skin long enough and I needed help!
My hands were rough, red, chapped and peeling from using household cleaners,
washing, cooking, gardening and just plain old overuse and abuse. 
I was not only concerned with the health issues, but, being in my early 50's, 
I wondered if it was too late to rejuvenate these worn out leathery, itchy, 
ugly 100 year old  looking hands.....not to mention my face and the rest of me.
I started out testing and trying an exhausted number of lotions and creams,
with minimal or no satisfying results at all, and, was completely disgusted with
the quality of many ingredients that were being accepted and used in today's products.
The creation of 'C's Revitalizing Cream' began, and, the rest is history.
Our family is honored to introduce a moisturizing, nourishing, revitalizing, 
wholistic skin cream, and body lotion for all skin types and for all ages one year and up, 
our special skincare for infants only, and, our nourishing, cleansing, purifying, and exfoliating cleansers that have......

All natural botanicals and vitamins in their purest state possible, 
enabling the synergistic balance necessary in working with 
your own body chemistry. Synthetic Free. No hydrogenated oils. Non-occluding.
No bleached, irradiated, or petroleum products. No artificial preservatives. 
No animal products or by-products. All products are animal cruelty free.
Scented with natural and pure extractions/essential oils.

We strive for the very best in working with nature & keeping the highest quality possible.
May the blessings of nature be yours.

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