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The Spiritual Traveler: England, Scotland, WalesTHE SPIRITUAL TRAVELER: ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, WALES - Martin Palmer - is a unique guide book. It takes us on a journey across the rural and urban landscapes of Britain, and helps us to discover and explore a multitude of sacred sites: ancient stone circles and tombs, Christian and pre-Christian shrines, medieval synagogues, small country churches and soaring cathedrals, Eastern temples, abbey ruins, sacred cities, holy wells and rivers, ancient yew trees and monastery gardens. The Spiritual Traveler reveals the stories behind these extraordinary places of spiritual power, and offers thirteen pilgrim routes by car, bike or foot, including: the Path of the Celts from Iona to Lindisfarne the ancient Saints' Way in North Wales
a multi-faith pilgrimage to Muslim mosques, Jewish synagogues, Quaker meeting houses, Hindu temples and Buddhist shrines the Pilgrims' Way from London to Canterbury the powerful route of women mystics from Ely to Walsingham in search of King Arthur from Glastonbury to Tintagel the Road of Stones from Stonehenge to Avebury

About The Author
MARTIN PALMER is the Director of the International Consultancy on Religion, Education and Culture (ICOREC) and a religious advisor to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). He is a frequent television and radio commentator and the author of numerous books on the spiritual traditions of East and West. He lives in Manchester.

His brother NIGEL PALMER has collected guides to churches and other sacred sites for almost thirty years and has drawn upon his unique collection for this book. He lives in Blanbury, Oxfordshire.  ISBN 1587680025
Edward F. Bergman
- is a unique guidebook. It invites you to discover and explore a multitude of spiritual sites in all five boroughs where New Yorkers have sought peace and strength in the past and in the present. It covers all of the world's religions and spiritual movements, and is written for readers and seekers of every faith and none.

The Spiritual Traveler: New York City introduces hundreds of churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, shrines, meetinghouses, and other sacred spaces, and the communities that join there to worship, to celebrate, and to serve. It describes landmarks that rank among America's finest works of architecture and contain treasures of spiritual art and history. It lists restful rural-style cemeteries, the city's oldest and tallest trees, parks, botanical gardens, and other peaceful places. It includes sites that commemorate historic events of spiritual significance, great sacrifices, or movements for human welfare: memorials to those who gave their lives helping others, homes of writers and artists of spiritual masterpieces, and locations where new initiatives in social service were launched.

The Spiritual Traveler: New York City reveals the stories behind these extraordinary spaces and places of spiritual power and truly takes you to the heart and soul of one of the world's great cities.

The many spiritual sites to be discovered include:

  • a pulpit made of wood from Jerusalem's Mount of Olives
  • a turtle carved in rock serving Native American sacred ceremonies
  • New York's largest image of Buddha
  • colonial millstones used by both the city's first Protestant congregation and America's first Jewish congregation
  • New York's oldest mosque
  • the homes of Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, Kahlil Gibran and Simone Weil
  • the first tree given official City Landmark status
  • the nation's oldest continuously-inhabited free African-American settlement
  • America's first Hindu temple built according to ancient sacred texts
  • New York's first Spanish-language Roman Catholic parish
  • a slave burial ground near City Hall
  • the only Chinese Scholar's Garden in the United States
  • one of only three "Sanctuaries of the Virgin" in the Western hemisphere
  • the congregation of the world's first female rabbi
  • the oldest urban community garden in the country
  • a Tibetan museum recommended by the Dalai Lama
  • the world's first "Fragrance Garden" designed for the blind
  • the spot where Quaker founder George Fox preached in 1672
  • relics of the medieval Saint and Emperor Henry II
  • the bell that announced the War of Independence
  • the first Jewish congregation to broadcast a webcast of its service
  • a sacred tower you can climb for one of New York's finest views

About the Author:
Edward F. Bergman is chairman of geographic studies at Lehman College of the City University of New York. He has also taught at other universities around the world, and has lectured at many museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on topics ranging from New York City, to world geography, world history and art. His previous writings about New York include: A Geography of the New York Metropolitan Region; Woodlawn Remembers: Cemetery of American History; and a number of articles in The Encyclopedia of New York City.  ISBN 1587680033

THE TRAVELER'S KEY TO ANCIENT EGYPT THE TRAVELER'S KEY TO ANCIENT EGYPT - John Anthony West - The author of Serpent in the Sky leads tourists and armchair travelers into a new understanding of the art and architecture of ancient Egypt. Revised edition contains updated travel information as well as West's latest, exciting findings about the Sphinx's real age. "Quite simply the best guidebook to ancient Egypt that has ever been written."- Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of the Gods.   ISBN 0835607240 (Theos Pub) pb
TRAVELER'S KEY TO GREECETHE Travelerís Key to Ancient Greece, : A Guide to Sacred Places - 
Richard Geldard
, Ph. D
. This spiritual guide to the glorious temples and palaces, the hallowed mountains and springs, and the great frescoes, sculptures, and mosaics of ancient Greece is perfect for both the armchair and real traveler. Full of photography, poetry, historical tidbits, time charts, and tours to three major museums, this handbook to Greeceís sacred sites takes us on the pilgrimís journey to rediscover the living mythology that still has the power to transform lives. ISBN 0835607844 4 1/4 x 8 1/2, 352 pgs