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THE ANUGITA THE ANUGITA - Tr. - K T Telang - Nearly forgotten adjunct to the Bhagavad Gita, discusses man's constitution and much else in the style of the Mahabharata. The same pagination as referred in the S. D. extensively. ISBN 0913510408 Wizard hc        
ATLANTIS, THE ANTIDILUVIAN WORLD - I Donnelley - Reprint of the original edition of this classic. ISBN 0486233715 (Dover Pub) 20oz.512pgs. pb
THE BOOK OF ENOCH THE PROPHET - 1883, Tr. - Richard Laurence - From an ancient Ethiopian manuscript in the Bodleian Library. The complete text with new index added, and notes. ISBN 091351067X Wizard 16oz.200pgs. pb
THE BOOKS OF KIU-TE IN THE TIBETAN BUDDHIST TANTRAS - David Reigle - Their dissimilarity with Hindu Tantras, and why not previously recognized. Review of extant works, S. D. refers to them, how they are arranged, various commentaries. Tibetan Buddhist overview, monastic regimens, Gelukpa traditions, Tantric curriculum, 30 page bibliography, including presently available Tibetan block print editions. ISBN 0913510491 Wizard 10oz.75pgs. pb
CHALDEAN ACCOUNT OF GENESISCHALDEAN ACCOUNT OF GENESIS 1876, Tr. - George Smith - Translated from the cuneiform tablets (circa 3000BC). Containing - The Description Of The Creation, The Fall Of Man, The Deluge, The Tower Of Babel, The Times Of The Patriarchs, And Nimrod; Babylonian Fables, and Legends of the Gods.  ISBN 0913510661 Wizard 20oz.340pgs. hc
THE DIVINE PLAN - Geoffrey Barborka - An elucidation of the Secret Doctrine. As a young man, the author completely typeset the Pt. Loma edition of Isis Unveiled and the S. D. Possessing a nearly perfect memory,he later became proficient in Tibetan and Sanscrit, and invented the only known Merganthaler Sanscrit Typesetter. Large index, notes. ISBN 0835671674 (Theos Pub) 591pgs. hc
THE DIVINE PYMANDER OF HERMES TRISMEGISTUS, - (THOTH THE EGYPTIAN) 1650, Tr. - John Everard - Translated from an ancient Arabic manuscript. Includes the cycles of creation and destruction, the 7 zones, nature of man's soul, rules for liberation, and the 8th sphere. New bibliography, notes & index.  ISBN 0913510076 Wizard 140pgs. hc
ECHOES OF THE ORIENTECHOES OF THE ORIENT Writings of - William Q Judge - Judge was the Henry Thoreau of Theosophy. As HPB's counterpart, he emphasized the moral and ethical to guide the emerging 6th sense (psychism) in the West. ISBN 0913004340 hc (Point Loma Pub) 717 pgs (View.This.Book.Online)
THE ESOTERIC WRITINGS OF T. SUBBA ROW THE ESOTERIC WRITINGS OF T. SUBBA ROW - (2nd ed. revised) 1931 (Compiled by - T Tookaram Tatya - from various theosophical journals, Subba Row, an initiated Vedantin, broke the vow of silence to help show the way for the new cycle.

T. Subba Row (1856-90), whom H. P. Blavatsky considered her equal, was an outstanding figure of The Theosophical Society in its early years in India. H.P.B. had originally planned the collaboration of Subba Row with her in the production of THE SECRET DOCTRINE, but this plan did not fructify. Col. Olcott has paid the tribute to Subba Row that "there was none equal to him in bright genius for grasping the spirit of the Ancient Wisdom." Subba Row was a contributor to THE THEOSOPHIST and LUCIFER, and his lectures on the Bhagavad Gita have been published separately. In 1883 The Theosophical Society instituted the Subba Row Medal in his honour, to be awarded to the author of a contribution of outstanding merit during the year to Theosophical literature.
0835675440 (Theos Pub) 592 pgs. hc

ESOTERICISM OF THE POPOL VUH - Raphael Girard - Tr. - Blair Moffett - Spiritual epic of the Quiche Maya describes the origin of the universe, gods, mankind, and complex evolutionary cycles. Girard lived with the Mayas, and associated with their Elders.  ISBN 0911500138 (Theos Pub) hc
FABLE OF CUPID AND PSYCHE 1795, Tr. - Thomas Taylor
ISBN 0893144118 (Phil Research) hc
FUNDAMENTALS OF THE ESOTERIC PHILOSOPHY - G de Puruker - Commentary on the Secret Doctrine, G. de Purucker started S.D. class in San Diego in early 1890's, continued lifetime study.
0913004707 (Point Loma) 2.5lbs. 622pgs. hc (View.This.Book.Online)
H. P. BLAVATSKY, TIBET AND TULKU - Geoffrey Barborka - Biographical survey, Tibetan Lamas and philosophy, Tulku process, H.P.B. in Tibet, writing by dictation, clairvoyance, psychometry, and precipitation.
0835671593 (Theos Pub) 2.lbs 500pgs. hc
0893144150 (Phil Research) 22oz. 292pgs. hc
THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY - H. P. Blavatsky - Question and answer format on man's constitution; cyclic rebirth; difference between fate, destiny, freewill and karma; nature's plan. Has 60p glossary of philosophical terms from Sanscrit, Hebrew, etc.  ISBN 0911500065 (Theos Pub) 442pgs. hc (View.This.Book>online)
THE LOST FRAGMENTS OF PROCLUS - Tr. - Thomas Taylor - Privately printed in 1825 and limited to 250 copies, this is the first reprint. Quality cloth binding, bibliographic notes added. ISBN 0913510580 Wizard 10oz. 128pgs. hc
THE MAHATMA LETTERS TO A. P. SINNETT - Transcribed & compiled by -
 A T Barker - This is a faithful edition of the British Museum holdings, includes photo facsimiles, and large index. ISBN
0911500200 (Theos Pub) 27oz. 590 pgs. hc (View.This.Book.Online)
THE MAHATMAS AND THEIR LETTERS - Geoffrey Barborka - Extensive and careful examinations of the originals in the British Museum, with testimonials, authenticity, proofs, and the precipitated letters discussed. Much background material, photo's, Illustrated, Index, Bibliog.
0835670627 (Theos Pub) 29oz. 422pgs. hc
A MODERN PANARION - Articles by - H. P. Blavatsky
0938998226 (Theos Pub) hc
MYTHICAL MONSTERSMYTHICAL MONSTERS - Charles Gould - Scholarly investigation of extinct life, and accounts of unicorns, dragons, elephant sized rodents, and much rare material from ancient Chinese annals. Illustrated, index, notes.   ISBN 0913510386 Wizard 24oz. 412pgs. hc
NEW PLATONISM & ALCHEMY 1869, - Alexander Wilder - Theosophic doctrines of the Neoplatonists. The alchemical allegory of transmutation actually states of human consciousness and development. Pamphlet form. Bibliography.  ISBN 0913510181 Wizard 3oz. 30pgs. pb
H J Spierenburg
- Gospels, Acts, Epistles, & Revelation. Extensive footnotes, Greek & Hebrew etymology, parallel passages, 3 bibliographies, 5 indices.  
0913004510 (Point Loma) 19oz. 357pgs. pb
ON THE MYSTERIES: IAMBLICHUS 1821, Tr.- Thomas Taylor - Of the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and Assyrians, in ten sections, with additional notes, and glossary of citations. ISBN 0913510513 Wizard 26oz. 400pgs. hc
THE ORIGIN & SIGNIFICANCE OF THE GREAT PYRAMID - 1882, - C. Staniland Wake - Universal symbolism, Arabian traditions on levitation, subterranean temples, & builders. ISBN 0913510327 Wizard 8oz. 144pgs. pb

PISTIS SOPHIA Tr. - G R S Mead - HPB says a genuine gospel of Jesus' esoteric teachings. Difficult reading without the 84 page commentary in the Collective Writings Vol. XIII. ISBN 0893450413 (Garber Communications) 24oz. 385pgs. hc

PLATO: CRATYLUS, PHAEDO, PARMENIDES, TIMAEUS, & CRITIAS 1793, Tr. - Thomas Taylor - Includes 14 pages of comments from the Secret Doctrine, a descriptive bibliography of Taylors works, B & W photo of Taylor's portrait, gold stamped black morocco cloth. Limited to 1000 numbered copies.
ISBN 0913510211 Wizard 30oz. 500pgs. hc
POSTHUMOUS HUMANITY -Adolphe d'Assier - Tr. from French by Henry S. Olcott A study of phantoms, the ether, mesmerism, mediumship, and the vicissitudes of the post-mortem entity. Heavily annotated by Olcott, plus a large appendix survey of Indian opinions on the subject. Bibliog. of Olcott. 
ISBN 091351036X Wizard 23oz. 384pgs. hc
THE QABBALAH 1888, - Isaac Myer - Philosophical Writings of Solomon Ben Yehudah Geberol. Introductory review by H.P.B. Universal and eclectic comparison with various pantheons, cited in the S.D. on 35 occasions.
ISBN 0913510572
Wizard 2 lbs. 528pgs. hc
Augustus LePlongeon - Insights of 12 years of Yucatan archeology by the discoverer of the Royal sepulchre at Chitchen Itxa, who spoke Mayan fluently.  ISBN
0913510025 Wizard 14oz. 200pgs. hc
SELECTED STUDIES IN THE SECRET DOCTRINE - Solomon Lancri - Translated from the French edition by Ianthe Hoskins. 
0722950713 (Theos Pub) 4oz. 86pgs. pb
SEPHER YETZIREH - W Wynn Westcott - Second revised edition. Includes notes from the S.D. and article on the Kabalah appended. 
0913510599 Wizard 4oz. 48pgs. pb
STAR NAMES, THEIR LORE AND MEANINGSTAR NAMES, THEIR LORE AND MEANING - Richard Hinkley Allen - An incredible work of comparative correspondences of Arab, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, etc., with a general Arabic and Greek indices, and a 9 page bibliography.
ISBN 04862107900 (Dover Pub) 2 lbs. 225pgs. pb
ISBN 091150009X (Theos Pub) 16oz. 212 pgs. pb (View.This.Book.Online)
THEON OF SMYRNA: MATHEMATICS USEFUL FOR UNDERSTANDING PLATO (1)Pythagorean Arithmetic, (2)Music, (3)Astronomy Tr. - R. Lawlor & D. Lawlor - Theon is unique in perpetuating the Pythagorean doctrine of harmonies and numbers.  ISBN 0913510246 Wizard 14oz. 200pgs. hc
THE THEOSOPHIST, : VOLUME I. (Oct. 1879 - Sept. 1880) - E. Wimbridge & H. P. Blavatsky - Centennial reprint of extraordinary monthly journal of source material in higher thought. Large format (8 1/2" x 11"), includes Hindu music, translations, exploration, occult philosophy, mathematics, 260 articles in all.
ISBN 0913510319 Wizard 2 lbs. 320pgs. pb