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CLONING THE BUDDHA, The Moral Impact of Biotechnology - Richard Heinberg  Foreward by Lynn Margulis, Ph.D., and Dorion Sagan. With penetrating common sense, eco-philosopher and journalist Richard Heinberg tackles some of the thorniest ethical questions we face: ...Are cloning, organ farming, genetic engineering, and other "wonders" of biotechnology developments morally aware people can support? ...If biotech research can cure diseases and feed starving people, wouldn't it be morally wrong not to pursue it? As Heinberg shows, answering these questions is far from easy. Interviews with scientific, political, and religious leaders underscore the struggle we all face in deciding how we feel about biotechnology. Fascinating examples from plant and animal research bring the moral impact of bioengineering into sharp focus. Heinberg's clear overview of the helpful and harmful effects of biotech on our food supply, reproductive choices, and environment give thinking readers ample evidence for making up their minds about this crucial issue.

A foreword by internationally known microbiologist Lynn Margulis, Ph.D., who helped James E. Lovelock develop the "Gaia Hypothesis", and science writer Dorion Sagan puts the book's issues into planetary perspective.

Richard Heinberg teaches Ecology and Culture at New College of California and publishes Museletter, a monthly broadside on emerging issues. He is author of the acclaimed Memories and Visions of Paradise and A New Covenant with Nature.
Current Affairs/Science, 224 pages, 6 x 9 hc, (Theos.Pub.)  ISBN 0835607720

EARTH ENERGIES: A QUEST FOR THE HIDDEN POWERS OF THE PLANET - Serge King - Examinations and accounts of experimentation with subtle energies.   ISBN 0835606821 (Theos Pub) pb
FROM ATOM TO KOSMOS: JOURNEY WITHOUT END - Gordon Plummer - Astronomy's stupendous universe theory related to Ancient Wisdom.  
0835603083 (Theos Pub) pb
The God ExperimentThe GOD EXPERIMENT : Russell Stannard  
"WHEN SCIENTISTS INVESTIGATE THE PHYSICAL WORLD, provided they ask the right questions and adopt good, sound scientific methodology, nature has no alternative but to yield up its secrets. But applying that methodology to God is not a guarantee of success. God might simply decide not to co-operate..."

Down the centuries there have been various attempts to prove the existence of God, and to demonstrate God's action in the world. Russell Stannard, the distinguished physicist and author, looks at what modern science can bring to the discussion. Are the difficulties of 'knowing' God the same difficulties physicists now confront in 'knowing' the physical world?

Comparing the latest scientific theories and age-old religious thinking, Stannard produces some startling parallels. He examines Creationism and the Big Bang, Biblical miracles and Quantum physics, and the idea of an omniscient God in the context of 4D spacetime. Written in a clear and lucid way, The God Experiment is a fascinating challenge to our assumptions about God, science and our place in the Universe.

About The Author: Russell Stannard is one of the world's leading authorities on the meeting points between science and religion. A distinguished high energy nuclear physicist, he headed the Physics Department at the Open University in London for the past twenty years. The author of several bestselling books on science and religion, he is also a regular commentator for BBC radio and television.  ISBN 1587680076
THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER - Masaru Emoto - The Hidden Messages in Water introduces the revolutionary work of internationally renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, who has discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words, and feelings. Since humans and the earth are composed mostly of water, his message is one of personal health, global environmental renewal, and a practical plan for peace that starts with each one of us. ISBN 1582701148  
(Beyond Words Publishing) pb
HOW THE WORLD CAN BE THE WAY IT ISHOW THE WORLD CAN BE THE WAY IT IS - Steve Hagen - Science writer and Zen priest Steve Hagen elegantly employs examples from quantum physics, philosophy, mathematics, and Buddhism to explain how our dependence on objective reality and "common sense" can get in the way of the truth.  ISBN 0835607194 (Theos Pub) hc
INTELLIGENCE CAME FIRST - E Lester Smith - A Fellow of the Royal Society rebuffs orthodox scientific conclusions.   ISBN 0835606570 (Theos Pub) pb
jesus_physics.jpg (21641 bytes)JESUS WAS A PHYSICS MAJOR - Robert Bazemore - With enthusiastic zeal, Bazemore blends a Gary Zukov-style of scientific clarity with the light-hearted tone of Gerald Jampolsky.  This work explains how scientific principals correlate with practical, spiritual law.  From the theologian to the theorist, the parent to the philosopher, all can glean valuable understanding in the creative process of their daily experience.
Format: pb, 336 pgs., ISBN 1414026072 1stBooks;
E-book available: ISBN 1414026080 1stBooks
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LOOKING IN, SEEING OUT: CONSCIOUSNESS AND COSMOS - Menas KafatosLOOKING IN, SEEING OUT & Thalia Kafatou - The implications of wholeness as deduced from quantum theory and cosmology developments, compared with Hindu philosophy.  ISBN 0835606740 (Theos Pub) pb
PLAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE WEB OF THE UNIVERSE - Edward Gardner - Creation: Why it happened; how it is structured. Consciousness: What it is; how it evolves.  ISBN 0835602362 (Theos Pub) pb
THE TRUE POWER OF WATERMasaru Emoto - Internationally known researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto challenged prevailing ideas of illness with his previous book The Hidden Messages in Water, which demonstrated that molecules of water are affected by thoughts, words, and feelings, and that water contains extraordinary therapeutic powers unrecognized by Western medicine. In this follow-up, he takes that research one step further by exploring the healing power of water - for example, the curative capabilities of water, the capability of prayer to change water, the response of water to music, and how an individual can promote the purity of rainwater. He explores the limitations of Western medicine and explains how many conditions that are thought of as hereditary may not necessarily be so. Written for a wide range of audiences, from cultural creatives to advocates for natural living, The True Power of Water shows how this most basic liquid that is called the foundation of life also holds the key to sustained good health and well-being. 
ISBN 1582701288  (Beyond Words Publishing) pb
TWO FACES OF TIME - Lawrence Fagg - Time as understood by religion and by science. ISBN 083560599X (Theos Pub) pb
THE UNIVERSE IN A NUTSHELL - Stephen Hawking - With characteristic exuberance, Professor Hawking invites us to be fellow travelers on this extraordinary voyage through spacetime. Copious four-color illustrations help clarify this journey into a surreal wonderland where particles, sheets, and strings move in eleven dimensions; where black holes evaporate and disappear, taking their secret with them; and where the original cosmic seed from which our own universe sprang was a tiny nut.

The Universe in a Nutshell is essential reading for all of us who want to understand the universe in which we live. Like its companion volume, A Brief History of Time, it conveys the excitement felt within the scientific community as the secrets of the cosmos reveal themselves. ISBN 055380202x

THE VISIONARY WINDOWTHE VISIONARY WINDOWA Quantum Physicist's Guide To Enlightenment - Amit Goswami - Ph.D.  After almost a century of using it to delve in to the mystery of matter, it is clear that quantum physics by itself is not complete; the observer, consciousness, is necessary to complete it. This consciousness is the same as mystics throughout history have encountered. Thus opens the visionary window. ---Amit Goswami

Reared in the Hindu tradition, quantum physicist Amit Goswami reconciles our scientific intelligence with the spiritual knowledge that "resonates abidingly in our hearts." He goes beyond the work of Fritjof Capra to show how, on the one hand, consciousness affects matter and how, on the other, the principles of the new science explain the power of spiritual practice. With a wealth of references ranging from Einstein to Forrest Gump, he explores: ...The supermind ...The martial arts ...Inner creativity for self-renewal ...How consciousness creates biological order ...The creativity of the body for physical healing ...The politics of integration: Should science replace religion? Should we unite all religions? Should we integrate church and state?

Amit Goswami, Ph.D, is author of The Self-Aware Universe and a physicist at the University of Oregon. Spirituality/Science ISBN 0835607933 352 pgs. cl (Theos.Pub.) 12 b&w line drawings

THE WHOLENESS PRINCIPLE THE WHOLENESS PRINCIPLE : DYNAMICS OF UNITY WITHIN SCIENCE, RELIGION & SOCIETY - Anna Lemkow - New Edition. Integrative approaches to religion, philosophy, science, and world affairs to shape a bright future. "By far the best work on holistic understanding of humanity and the world." Choice  ISBN 0835607151 (Theos Pub) pb