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We are pleased to present you with a virtual avenue for the expressed intent to present "Questions of the Heart". The soul purpose is to aid and assist the understanding of our life's purpose, as we know it.  This is a family site with spiritual, philosophical, and religious matter. All questions and information will be censored and viewed for presentability due to our discretion.

Note:  Please remember, this site is only one point of view. If any or all meets with your approval, so be it; if not, then continue seeking and asking. The Lord Almighty is All; therefore, all the answers are forthcoming if we seek and ask with all our heartmind of integrity, creativity and loving-understanding.  Remember - The Lord Almighty moves and changes all things, but is constant and never changes.

We are not saying we have all the answers. Who really does? What we are saying is, let's ask, seek, and see what we can find to assist us in acquiring answers to fulfill the "Questions of the Heart". You will not know, if you do not ask. However, you must know first what you want.......make up your mind. Next, ask yourself why do you want.......what is your motive or what force is driving the desire. Then think, is this right for me?  Now, ASK!  It is that simple. Many people just do not know what they want,  in order to know exactly what to ask.


Question:  Why do I seem to always make the same mistakes when it comes to relationships with family, friends, co-workers, etc.? USA

Response:  First, you must decide.....Exactly, what do you want in a relationship? (The operative word here is 'decide'.) Make a list. Ask yourself, are these things what you would desire for your very best friend in the whole-wide-world? (By-the-way, who is your very best friend?) Next, are these things, that you want, the same things that you are doing and giving to others? BE exactly what you wish others to BE toward you. Third, and most important, are you spreading love and blessings to all you meet. Remember, you reap what you sow, or, what goes around comes around., etc. This is not just wasted, idle sayings of long ago wisdom teachings. This is 'Spiritual Law'.......for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
"...As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."-
Proverb 23:7  Thinking in the heart is a form of 'action'. Most people don't even realize when they think a thought they have performed an act of power. Then, to add fuel to the fire of thought, they then add feelings. Here is where the heart gets involved. "WOW", this is powerful stuff. You know what is right in your heartmind. Sometimes we just have to be reminded. Go for it. You are the Lord Almighty's child. My love, blessings, and prayers are always with you.  CJ

Affirmation:  "All praise, glory, power, purpose, majesty and thanksgiving to You Lord Almighty for all things great and small. I am always in Your divine presence, doing the right thing, in the most perfect way, with divine timing, according to Your Will."   (If, you make a mistake, or wrongdoing, do not lose heart. This is the whole reason we are learn. Just dust yourself off and start again. The Lord's Grace is always with you.)

Suggested Reading:  Read any book of your choice. We are limited with space; therefore, are suggesting three books at random from our listings. COMMUNION WITH GOD - Neale Donald Walsch;  THE FOUR AGREEMENTS - Don Miquel Ruiz; HOW TO KNOW GOD - Deepak Chopra.

Copyright  2002-2015 CJ Wheat


Question:  Why are some children born with terrible handicaps and others with none? 

Response:  We are all born with some form of handicap or another. This is our lot (dharma) in life, when we come in as humans. This is the reason we are all Learn to persevere, endure, and overcome by experiencing, experimenting and expressing through and by the 'Principle of Sharing' our Theocentric (Divine centered) Self.  Remember, we all share the same earth, the same environment on the grand scale; however, our seemingly, individual, prime directive and perspective become muddled and obscure with the 'stuff' of the world.......when we are clothed with the objective human senses. There are specific lessons each one of us must learn. But, while we are in the learning, do not loose sight and forget who we really are and why we're here to begin with. Just remember, it is our duty and our right to prevail and overcome. "You are in this world, but not of it" as the Christ, the World Teacher taught us.  We are guaranteed with the proper tools to handle all that is required, and then some. We just don't 'realize' it. The real question for me is, how to overcome, and, to do it with grace, integrity, creativity and loving-kindness. I do believe this is what we are all here to achieve and become. What do you think? Joy and peace are yours for the humble taking. God Bless. CJ

Affirmation:  "All glory, power, love, and thanksgiving to my Lord Almighty for all things great and small.  For I am one with You and all Your goodness, beauty and truth. Therefore, I am made perfect in Your eyes, mind and heart. All things are possible within Divine Grace, according to Your Will."

Suggested Reading: Read any book of your choice. We are limited with space; therefore, are suggesting three books at random from our listings. ANGEL COURAGE - Terry Lynn Taylor;  The STRENGTH WITHIN - Barbara Hansen;  An Open Heart - The Dalai Lama

Copyright  2002-2015 CJ Wheat


Question: My friend told me that citizens of your country do not like Japanese. I do not trust him. Is it possible? Ters, Kioto, Japan

Response:  Dear Ters,
I don't know your friend, nor do I know what makes him think that way: however, on this planet you will find people of all different backgrounds that have likes and dislikes for all sorts of reasons, and they all feel justified to have those reasons.  Just remember, we are all different in one way or another, and yet, we are all sharing the same planet earth, living under the same sun, drinking the same waters, breathing the same air,  and sharing the same journey through time and space. This does not mean we have to always agree. What we must remember is that we do have a lot in common, and----we need to learn how to get along with each other and be more tolerant, understanding, and respectful.

As for our  Japanese family, there are millions that are citizens of the United States. They live in the US along with all the other races that are on this earth. The US is a country made up of people from all the other countries.

Please try to understand all people are of the one human kingdom. With all its diversity and multiplicity, it is still the same great human family.  We must recognize all differences of opinion as a major strength to our spiritual growth - as long as it is conducted through and in compassion, creativity, and cooperation, with mutual respect and equality for all life.
We hope this answers your question.  God Bless~peace be within you. CJ

Affirmation:  "All glory to our Lord Almighty for our learning, sharing, caring, and being. Thy Will is ever holy, Thy Will is ever pure. Lead me through this journey with divine understanding, tolerance and respect for all life."

Suggested Reading: Read any book of your choice. We are limited with space; therefore, are suggesting three books at random from our listings. PEACE IS EVERY STEP - Thic Nhat Hanh;  THE POWER OF NOW - Eckhart Tolle;  THE WISDOM OF FLORENCE SCOVEL SHINN - Florence Scovel Shinn.

Copyright  2002-2015 CJ Wheat



All people are of the one human kingdom. With all its diversity and multiplicity, it is still the same great human family.  We recognize all differences of opinion as a major strength to our spiritual growth - as long as it is conducted through and in compassion, creativity, and cooperation, with mutual respect and equality for all life. The Universal recognition and acceptance of the ONE, with loving-understanding, the light of truth, and the divine power of creative purpose IS  the goal.  We intend no harm, and, or, animosity toward any one nor any group.  We recognize, acknowledge and accept the commonality, individuality, uniqueness and oneness of all struggling humans in this onward glorious journey.   Light, Love and Peace be within you.  Theosophia Books And More.
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"God made the Wonders,
He is the Love and the Life.
You are the Sunshine of His Blessings,
Glorious Sparks of Light."

We say the words-------we are all GOD'S children, and one with HIS goodness, beauty and truth. How many of us really understand the significance of what is being said? Why do most of us block our good and beautiful from happening with all the barriers we have created? Why? The only answer I can give, that has any real meaning, is that we are not aware of our good, or our true worth of life and of being.

My dear friends, unless we get the realization THE MIRACLE IS YOURS, and the truthful meaning of that old injunction "Man Know Thyself" (as we have been told countless times), we will continue to lose what is really ours. The miracles are here waiting for us. I don't think there is anyone on this planet that can honestly say they enjoy being in the fogs and mists of misery and confusion, and are at peace with a yearning heart of unfulfilled dreams and wishes. More important, what are we constantly yearning for? Can anyone answer with all truth and honesty what they are searching for and why?

Who am I to think I could shed any light on such matter? What right do I have and who gives me the right anyway? I am your dear friend and companion, your teacher and fellow student of life, a member of the human kingdom and more. I am no more special than anyone else on this planet. I am just traveling through experiencing, experimenting, and expressing as each and every one else is doing in this onward glorious journey of life. The purpose I seek is that you progress in this life with the light of truth, loving understanding, compassion, and, that you seek for yourself the rightful inheritance that is yours. My work is to teach and spread the knowledge of divine things to the best of my ability. It is for you to determine their truth and reality, for, in each and everyone is the "Recipe For Life". 1

The "Recipe For Life" is to find, to experience, to know, and to be THE TRUTH.  "...and the truth shall make you free."  - The Lord Christ (St. John 8:32).  "Satyan nasti para dharma" - There is no religion higher than truth. Aren't we all searching for more meaning of why things are the way they are? Do any of us have all the answers? Certainly we all must know the truth and this varies by degree of where each person stands in his place of development. The truth that is sought after by one man may not be the same degree of truth that you and I are seeking. But, there is one factor we can all agree upon. Isn't it true that all unhappiness is due to the feelings of loss of power or control in our lives? Sure we feel helpless, weak and a victim of circumstances until we get REALIZATION OF GOD-POWER! "I Give Unto You Power..." - The Lord Christ (St.Luke 10:19).  And we must learn to be careful minded of what we are doing with this power and why. "With all thy getting, get understanding"-- GET REALIZATION.

What is realization? What is reality? It is the understanding (the knowing) that we are all here for the same reason, that we are all interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent, that we are all created with the same divine essence of the UNIVERSE, and, that ALL THE BLESSINGS ARE YOURS, because....



This does not mean we are always using this power the way we should. What this does mean is, we have the power to choose. Whether we make these choices consciously and deliberately, or, unthinking and haphazardly makes no difference. The truth is, we make these choices. Herein lies the truth to most human sufferings----due to our own choices. At one time or another haven't we asked ourselves----how did I get into this mess? Or, why is this happening to me? Most of us have to reach a point in our life when the pain and troubles we have encountered are so unbearable before we stubborn humans will listen to anything or anyone else. Not always, but normally it takes a traumatic event in our lives before we start really seeing other points of view, and are willing to strike out in a new direction. At that special moment is when we are the most spiritually humble and barriers of hate, anger, fear, selfishness, resentment, criticism, jealousy and vain pride come crumbling down. That's the time when we are more sensitive, receptive, responsive, and we are ready to move to a higher awareness of truth---Consciousness. We are seeing this happen more and more not only to individuals, but also to families, groups of people, races, and countries.

What are we really doing to ourselves? We are blindly using this supreme power without the understanding of the LAW that governs this supreme power. We are all continually and constantly using this power in everything we THINK, SAY, and DO. We have not created this power. It is the Divine Principle that moves all things, but can not be moved. It is Universal. "It is undying and eternally beneficent. It can not be seen, touched, or smelt, but is perceived by the man who desires perception."2   It is in and through all that IS.  It permeates, transcends and sustains ALL. What we must realize is that we have the power to choose the where, and when this supreme force is used and directed in our environment, and, we must learn HOW to apply it with integrity, creativity, and loving understanding in everything we think, say, and do. "We are what we think, all that we see arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world." - The Buddha

 We all must learn to be careful minded of what we are doing with this power. 
"For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." "Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of the heart come the issues of life."-  Proverbs 23:7;  Proverbs 4:23
"All component things must grow old and be dissolved. Seek ye for that which is permanent, and work out your salvation with diligence." - The Buddha

I believe, as a child believes, that we must get a handle on the WHY of every thing, before we can grasp an understanding of the HOW. I may have the answers, or maybe I do not. It is for you to decide. But you will never know if you don't go on this journey with me. Let's give it a try. I will do my heartfelt best to give you all I can. There is nothing to lose when you have everything to gain with GOD-POWER. THE MIRACLE IS YOURS! Copyright 2000 by CJ Wheat

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