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BEETHOVEN AND THE SPIRITUAL PATHBEETHOVEN AND THE SPIRITUAL PATH - David Tame - A must-have for music lovers interested in the musical, psychological, and metaphysical secrets in 27 of Beethoven's greatest works. Shows that Beethoven was a disciple treading the spiritual path.
0835607011 (Theos Pub) pb
COSMIC MUSIC Musical Keys to the Interpretation of Reality: Essays by Marius Schneider, Rudolf Haase, Hans Erhard Lauer - Joscelyn Godwin, editor. The idea that the universe is created out of sound or music is a very ancient one. Godwin brings together three contemporary German thinkers who exemplify this tradition in its modern variants. The selections draw on ancient Indian sources and mythology; Kepler's Platonic vision of a musical, geometric universe; and the evolution of the tone systems of music. Appendix, index. 256p 089281070X (Inner Traditions) pb
THE COSMIC OCTAVE - Origin of Harmony - Hans Cousto - The author has created a system of measurement which makes it possible to transpose the movements of the planets into audible rhythms and sounds, and into color. This system clearly demonstrates the harmonic relationship that exists between different kinds of natural phenomena in the fields of astronomy, meteorology, and microbiology. Instructions are also provided to prove the existence of these universal relationships. 0940795043 (Life Rhythm) pb

THE HEALING ENERGIES OF MUSICTHE HEALING ENERGIES OF MUSIC - Hal Lingerman New Edition. Music chosen well can help enhance intellectual and spiritual powers as well as overcome insomnia, boredom, and anger. This instructive sourcebook guides the listener to selected works aimed at the spectrum of human needs. This revised edition presents a new catalog of contemporary and ethnic compositions as well as a listing of female composers. 0835607224  
(Theos Pub) pb

LIFE STREAMS: - Hal Lingerman - Spiritual readings for every day of the year which incorporate musical selections and guided imagery.
(Theos Pub) pb
An imaginative, magical and authoritative study of the effects of color and music on different levels of one's being. Corinne Heline bases her research on historical esoteric teachings as well as on her own schooled insights. Here she trains them on six topics rich in their significance for seership in the new age: astrological correlations; the mystery of white and black; new age developments; color and music of the four sacred seasons; nature's inner-plane ceremonials; and some occult effects of music.

Corinen Heline was a new age pioneer who opened up vast new fields of investigation for those ready to be a part of the Aquarian consciousness. From very early years she devoted herself to meditation and the study of the ancient mystery teachings under the Rosicrucian mystic Max Heindel. However she claimed her chief inspiration from the immortals who overshadowed her. She is the author of other new age works including: healing & regeneration through color and music music: the keynote of human evolution the cosmic harp esoteric music of Richard Wagner Beethoven's 9 symphonies correlated with the 9 spiritual mysteries.
0875164323 (DeVorss & Company) pb

MUSIC AND MIRACLESMUSIC AND MIRACLES - Don Campbell - This collection of essays from doctors, researchers, healers, and musicians provides vivid personal testimony to the miraculous powers of music. Contributors include Dr. Larry Dossey, Ken Carey, Kitaro, Jean Houston
083560683X (Theos Pub) pb


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First the music, then the harmony of the healing vibration will flow through you. As time flows, as healing is created, time will reinvent itself. Enjoy and relax until the senses, once again, return you to an inner-self or the inner-child. Site is temporarily under construction.

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Music: Physician for Times to ComeMUSIC: PHYSICIAN FOR TIMES TO COME - An anthology by Don Campbell, best-selling author of the Mozart Effect - As ancient peoples knew, music profoundly affects the body, mind, and spirit. It can speed recovery from disease, heal psychological wounds, and opens us to the ultimate mystery of life. Here pioneering leaders in the fields of medicine, psychology, neuroscience, Eastern religions, creative arts therapy, and education present cutting edge ideas on the power of sound and music to heal spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Topics include why chants increase energy, how sonic resonance alters heart rate, and the therapeutic use of sacred music. ISBN 0835607887 5 1/4 x 8 1/, 365 pgs
THE PYTHAGOREAN PLATO : Prelude To the Song Itself - Ernest McClain - Weaves elements of music, mathematics, philology and philosophy into this study of Plato, presenting new insights into the work of this illustrious Greek sage. 192 pp. 0892540109 (Nicolas-Hays) pb
THE ROAR OF SILENCE - Don Campbell - The therapeutic power of sound inherent in everyone. Breath, tone, and music are explored through exercises. 
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0835606457 (Theos Pub) pb
SELF TRANSFORMATION THROUGH MUSIC - Joanne Crandall - A self-help book of theory and practical exercises to make music a daily part of life.
0835606082 (Theos Pub) pb
Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Keys for Conscious Evolution - Deborah Van Dyke - This book is an important sound healing resource for the 21st Century with its extensive contribution of spiritual sound wisdom from a wide spectrum of world cultures. Combining the esoteric with the therapeutic, it explores sound as a vibrational tool for self healing, sacred creation and higher consciousness. A blend of the mystical and the practical, it covers ancient wisdom teachings, sound healing practices for inner attunement, and the use of voice and crystal singing bowls for expanded awareness, healing, and transformation. Whatever stage of your journey, Travelling the Sacred Sound Current offers an energy-shifting, soul-enriching experience.

With beautiful full color illustrations throughout and saturated with quotes of the foremost mystics and sound masters, this is a rare work of art that you will consult over and over again.

For optimum experience, read in conjunction with listening to the book's companion CD: "Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Divine Chants & Sacred Tones for Healing and Meditation" ISBN 0968766706