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An Outline of Theosophy - C. W. Leadbeater - 0835671852 (Theos Pub) hc
An Introduction to Yoga - Annie Besant - 8170590507 (Theos Pub) hc
Annie Besant: An Autobiography - Annie Besant - 0835675688 (Theos Pub) hc
The Astrology of Accidents - C. E. O. Carter - 0722950594 (Theos Pub) pb
The Creative Silence - Rohit Mehta - 8170590175 (Theos Pub) hc
Dhammapada-English Translation - C. K. Raja - 0835670961 (Theos Pub) pb
Essays on the Foundations of Astrology - C. E. O. Carter - 0722951310 
(Theos Pub ) hc
Everyone's Guide to Theosophy - Harry Benjamin - 0722901305 (Theos Pub) pb
The Flower of Yoga - Ianthe Hoskins 8170592399 (Theos Pub) pb
The Gospel of Islam - Duncan Greenlees 0835671585 (Theos Pub) hc
The Gospel of Israel - Duncan Greenlees - 8170591384 (Theos Pub) hc
The Gospel of Peace - Duncan Greenlees - 8170592364 (Theos Pub) hc
Hints on the Study of the Bhagavad Gita - Annie Besant - 0835670791 (Theos Pub) hc
How Theosophy Came to Me - C. W. Leadbeater - 8170590108 (Theos Pub) hc
How We Remember Our Past Lives - C. Jinarajadasa - 8170591554 (Theos Pub) pb
H.P.B. Speaks, - VOL-I - C. Jinarajadasa - 8170590361 (Theos Pub) hc
H.P.B. Speaks, - V0L-II - C. Jinarajadasa - 817059037X (Theos Pub) hc
H.P.B. Teaches Comp. - Michael Gomes - 8170591821 (Theos Pub) pb
Human Regeneration - Radha Burnier - 8170591694 (Theos Pub) pb
Into the Fourth Dimension - A. C. Hanlon - 0835675297 (Theos Pub) hc
In Memory of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky - Blavatsky's Pupils 0722910037 (TheosPub) hc
The Key to Theosophy Simplified - H. P Blavatsky - 8170590787 (Theos Pub) hc
The Laws of the Higher Life - Annie Besant - 0835671038 (Theos Pub) pb
Letters From A Sufi Teacher - Baijnath Singh - 8170590450 (Theos Pub) pb
Life and Its Spirals - E. W. Preston - 8170591376 (Theos Pub) pb
The Light of Asia - Sir Edwin Arnold - 8170591368 (Theos Pub) pb
Light of the Sanctuary - Geoffrey Hodson - 9719113200 (Atrium) hc
A Lonely Disciple - N. C. Rarnanujachary - 8170592151 (Theos Pub) pb
The Lotus Fire - George Arundale - 0835675025 (Theos Pub) hc
Man and His Bodies - Annie Besant - 8170591538 (Theos Pub) hc
Man's Supersensory and Spiritual Powers - Geoffrey Hodson - 0835671623  
(Theos Pub) hc
Meditations on the Occult Life - Geoffrey Hodson - 8170590000 (Theos Pub) pb
Meditations on the Path and Its Qualifications - A. Besant comp. E.G. Cooper 0835675750 (Theos Pub) hc
The Nature of Memory - A. Besant & H. P. Blavatsky - 817059023X (Theos Pub) pb
No Other Path to GoRadha Burnier 0835675785 (Theos Pub) pb
Occult Powers in Nature and in Man - Geoffrey Hodson -0835670856 (Theos Pub) hc
The Occult World - A. P. Sinnett - 0722900805 (Theos Pub) pb
The Original Programme of the Theosophical Society - H P Blavatsky - 083567150X (Theos Pub) hc
The Pathway to Perfection - Geoffrey Hodson - 083567018X (Theos Pub) hc
The Purpose of Tragedy - Hugh Shearman - 8170591937 (Theos Pub) pb
Readers' Guide to the Mahatma Letters to A. P. SinnettV Hanson & G Linton 8170591139 (Theos Pub) pb
Rebirth of the Occult Tradition Boris De Zirkoff 0835675351 (Theos Pub) pb
Science and Occultism - I. K. Taimni - 0835675017 (Theos Pub) hc
The Search For Happiness - Annie Besant - 8170591589 (Theos Pub) pb
Seek Out the Way - Rohit Mehta - 8170591465 (Theos Pub) pb
Seeking Wisdom - N. Sri Ram - 8170590701 (Theos Pub) hc
Seven Principles of Man - Annie Besant - 8170590973 (Theos Pub) hc
The Soul's Growth Through Reincarnation - C. W. Leadbeater -8170591406  
(Theos Pub) pb
Symbolic Directions In Modern Astrology - C. E. O. Carter - 0722951450  
(Theos Pub) hc
Theosophy as the Masters See It - Clara Codd  0835671771 (Theos Pub) hc
Two Books of the Stanzas of Dzyan - H. P. Blavatsky - 817059006X (Theos Pub) hc
Viveka-Cudamani - Mohini M. Chatterji - 8170592526 (Theos Pub) hc
What of Tomorrow - H. K. Challoner - 0722950462 (Theos Pub) pb
The Wisdom of the Upanishads - Annie Besant - 0835670929 (Theos Pub) hc
Yoga: The Art of Integration - Rohit Mehta - 8170591295 (Theos Pub) hc
Zodiac and the Soul - C. E. O. Carter - 0722950985 (National) pb