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Animal StoriesAnimal Stories - A Book By - Florence DeGroat - A Lion, Deer, Mockingbird, Beaver, and Dog tell of their problems, puzzlements, and hopes of attainment in the world's ongoing march forward.
ISBN 0875165095
Beside The Still Waters Beside The Still Waters - A Book by - Willa Fogle -  The 23rd Psalm, as the story of a shepherd protecting his sheep from the dangers surrounding them, comes alive in characters and plot. ISBN 0875162827
BUNNIES IN MY HEADBunnies in My Head - A book by - Tricia Tusa - with art from the Children of M.D.Anderson - I've got bunnies in my head , explains a charming little girl , as big as mountains, in search of carrots as big as trees. And so the adventure begins, a joyful frolic through the real and imaginary worlds of one child. Every young artist knows - and every grown-up remembers - the joy of exploring tomorrow through the endless adventure of imagination. Ages 5-10, ISBN 0966455185 University of Texas, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

Childrens Art Project


Making Life Better
for Children with Cancer

Christmas Time in The MountainsChristmas Time in The Mountains - Mildred Luton - An inspiring Christmas poem about how a poor mother and her son find joy and blessedness through their willingness to share.
Ages 4-12
, ISBN 087516434X DeVorss pb
Danny Pine and Patty Plum Tree - Willie Lee Watkins - Thoughts are seeds watered by our deeds, says the wise Danny Pine to the young Patty Plum Tree in this colorful and entertaining book. Children then learn from these two friends how to plant and take care of the positive seeds they place in their minds. Ages 4-8
0875165958 DeVorss pb
FOR YOUNG SOULSFor Young Souls - Eleanor Curtis - A simplified version of the deeper philosophical explanations of life, health, and truth - for young and old. Ages.10 & up, ISBN 0875163033 DeVorss pb
GOD ISGod Is - Shonda LeJeune - A child's introduction to God: a journey of childlike wisdom in search of answers to Who, What, and Where is God? Against a background of colorful illustrations for little ones. There are lessons here for heart and mind; and understanding others; for dealing with joys and hurts; and for remembering: you can always choose your experience. Ages 4-6, ISBN 087516689X DeVorss hc , ISBN 0875166598 DeVorss pb
The Happy Girl - Christiane Heyde - What can make this girl happy - truly happy? Cookies? TV? Being nice? Being cool? Something else?! The Happy Girl wasn't always happy. Something was missing from her life. She began her search and came to realize that true happiness was not in material things or being popular. Then one day, in a quiet moment, she found a surprise that changed her life. Ages 5-12
ISBN 0875166180 DeVorss hc
HULLO SUNHullo Sun - Joan Hodgson - A simple story about Peter & Penny and how they gained a glimpse into the inner world. Ages 3-8 ,
0854870199 (White Eagle Publishing Trust) DeVorss pb
I MONTYI Monty - Marcus Bach - A unique story of a butterfly and the search for life's meaning. Who Am I? Why Am I? Who's pulling the strings? What is reality? Lavishly illustrated in color. Ages 8 & up,
0875166482 DeVorss hc
The Invisible StringThe Invisible String - A book by - Patrice Karst“That’s impossible,” said twins Jeremy & Liza after their Mom told them they’re all connected by this ``thing called an Invisible String. “What kind of string?” They asked with a puzzled look to which Mom replied, “An Invisible String made of love.” That’s where the story begins. A story that teaches of the tie that really binds. Moms (and Pops) feel the tug whenever kids give it; and kids feel the tug that comes right back: the Invisible String reaches from heart to heart. Does everybody have an Invisible String? How far does it reach, anyway? Read all about it! Whether it’s a loved one far away, or a parent in the next room, this delightful book illustrates a new way to cope with something all children and parents confront sooner or later; a child’s fear of loneliness and separation. Ages 4-8
ISBN 0875167349
Journey Through Heartsongs - Mattie Stepanek - Mattie J.T. Stepanek takes us on a Journey Through Heartsongs with more of his moving poems. These poems share the rare wisdom that Mattie has acquired through his struggle with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and the death of his three siblings from the same disease. His life view is one of love and generosity and as a poet and a peacemaker, his desire is to bring his message of peace to as many people as possible.

Eleven-year-old Mattie Stepanek has been writing poetry and short stories since the age of three. In 1999 he was awarded the Melinda Lawrence International Book Award for inspirational written works by the Children's Hospice International. He has served as the Maryland State Goodwill Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and in 2002 he became the National Goodwill Ambassador. He lives with his mother Jeni, where he is home schooled. ISBN 0786869429
You may visit Mattie's special website by clicking

JUST PASSING THROUGHJust Passing Through A Grown-up Book for Kids - Steven LaVelle - Written on a child's level in realistic terms, this book gently helps kids cope with the death of loved ones and life's changes. When Billy Little's shoes wear out, he thinks they've died - they're just passing through. One day, Bozo the cat gets old and dies. Billy is sad but figures that Bozo was just passing through too. When Billy grows up and becomes Daddy Billy and then Grandpa Billy Little, he knows he's nearing his own time of passing through. He meets it - and discovers a bigger surprise than the one his Dad shared with him the Spring after Bozo died. Ages 3-10, ISBN 0875164021 DeVorss pb
Little Stories - Eloise Franco - This book helps children to realize and accept themselves while not being envious of others. Ages 5-10,
087516384X DeVorss pb
LITTLE TYKELittle Tyke - Georges Westbeau - The true story of a vegetarian lioness. Photos. Ages 5-10, ISBN 0835606058 Theos Pub pb
LOVE ISLove Is - Shonda LeJeune - A CHILD'S INTRODUCTION TO LOVE- From the author/ illustrator of God Is - the book NAPRA Trade Journal called the most eloquent yet easy-to-comprehend book about God for this age group. Here's a journey of childlike wisdom in search of answers to What, Where - and even Who - Love is. Ages 4-6,
0875166903 DeVorss pb , ISBN 0875166911 DeVorss hc
Loving Through Heartsongs Loving Through Heartsongs - Mattie J T Stepanek - The perfect gift for Valentine's Day to share with a loved one or cherish as a keepsake, from the New York Times bestselling poet and peacemaker Mattie J.T. Stepanek. Mattie J.T. Stepanek has won the hearts of millions with his inspiring poems from his first two New York Times bestsellers. Now he's ready to spread a little love with Loving Through Heartsongs, a beautiful collection of poems written about innocence and trusting love from a child's perspective. Mattie's struggle with muscular dystrophy has never kept him from feeling deep love for his family, friends, country, and faith — heartfelt emotions that are reflected throughout these pages.

Author Biography: Twelve-year-old Mattie J.T. Stepanek, has been writing poetry and short stories since age three. He has made several appearances on Oprah, and has also been a guest on Good Morning America, Prime Time Live, and has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, and People. Mattie is currently the Maryland State and National Goodwill Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He is the recipient of several awards, including the 2002 Children's Hope Medal of Honor and the 2002 Verizon Courage Award. He lives with his mother, Jeni, in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, where he is homeschooled. ISBN 0786869461

THE MAGIC MIRRORThe Magic Mirror  - Linda Moffit - STOMP, GRUMBLE, MUTTER, STOMP! These sounds always announced the arrival of the friendless little Princess Anastasia until one day she discovers her Higher Self in the Magic Mirror, which transforms her life into a bright world of joy and happiness. Ages 5-12,  ISBN 0875166156 DeVorss pb
Making Music - Eloise Franco & Johan Franco - Teaches children to trust their inspirations while developing their artistic abilities. Ages 8-12,
ISBN 0875162126 DeVorss pb
MEDITATION FOR LITTLE PEOPLEMeditation for Little People - Anne Langford - This unique, easy approach to meditation tells children in simple language about the God-light within and how to keep it shining brightly. Illustrated by 9-year-old David Bethards. Ages.3-7,
0875162118 DeVorss pb

You are about to read the story of Peter and his BIG YEAR. When you have finished you will see that every year, you, like Peter, go on a wonderful journey.

Every time your birthday comes round, you know that since your last birthday you have gone all the way around the Sun, and are starting to do it all over again.

I hope you'll like Peter, and make believe you and Peter are just the same -- maybe you are.

Our Father - Joan Hodgson - Prayers and meditations, based on the Lord's Prayer, to help children become thankful, loving and forgiving.
Ages 4-10
, ISBN  0854870407 (White Eagle Publishing Trust) DeVorss pb
THE Quest of Prince Vincent - Leslie Titchenell - To begin with: The prince's home was an ancient castle and the land for many leagues around marked his father's domain. That his father ruled wisely and well was testified to by the happiness of his subjects, and long have his banners flown from the battlements of the lofty towers.
SOMETHING SPECIAL WITHINSomething Special Within - Betts Richter & Alice Jacobsen - Here is a delightful book for guiding children to recognize their own inner potential for happiness. Ages 3-8,  ISBN 0875164889 DeVorss pb
The Spiritual Teaching For Children Series -  4 Books By -  Jenny Dent - covering the basic ideas necessary to give a child a clear understanding of the reality of spirit, on which to build in future years. Illustrated with one extra colour by Christina Marsh, and full of 'activity' pages. Ages 12 and up ISBN 0854870849
The Giant Jigsaw - ISBN 0854870539
God Loves Us All - ISBN 0854870512
The Great Teachers - ISBN 0854870547
Where Is Heaven? - ISBN 0854870520
The Stepping Stone Series - Margaret M Stevens - Each book shares many simple stories based on New Age principles ranging form relationships and character development, to personal values.
Stepping Stones for Boys & Girls - Thirteen tales presenting basic principles for good character development. Ages 8-12,
0875162487 DeVorss pb
Stepping Stones for Little Feet - Twelve short stories based on New Age principles for human relationships in a Christian perspective. Ages.3-8
ISBN  0875162029 DeVorss pb
TALES FROM GALILEETales from Galilee - Florence DeGroat - Stories of Christ as told by his disciples from a New Age perspective.
All ages,
ISBN 0875164854 DeVorss pb
THE TRUE PATHThe True Path - Florence Widutis - An illustrated novel that follows a young man's journey along the spiritual path. Age-teens,
0875162665 DeVorss pb
WHAT YOU CAN SEE YOU CAN BEWhat You Can See You Can Be - David A Anderson - The title largely tells it - but the beautiful color illustrations tell the story too, in this primer on seeing the heart's desire with the mind's eye. These happy verses teach children how to translate their wishes into something they can achieve by first believing they can.
Ages 3-6, ISBN 0875166032 DeVorss hc
Where Does God Live?Where Does God Live? - August Gold  Matthew J. Perlman
"God's all there is and all that you see!" "But I still don't see God so how can it be?" Where does God live? How can we "see" God? Using simple, everyday examples that children can relate to, this colorful book helps young readers develop a direct and personal understanding of God. Where Does God Live? playfully guides children down their own path of spiritual discovery...and reminds us all that this world is full of wonder. ISBN: 189336139X
Windows of Nature A Story-Coloring BookWindows of Nature A Story-Coloring Book - Michael Stillwater - Here's a wonderful landscape of 18 short, easy-reading stories plus facing-page illustrations for coloring and journeying: places of new imaginings and old learnings, peopled with happy folks. Booklet.
Ages 4-10, ISBN 087516580X DeVorss pb
THE YOUNG LOOKThe Young Look - Eloise Franco - Forty-eight short stories for pre-teens, giving the basic principles of Truth subtly yet explicitly.
Ages 6-12, ISBN 0875162940 DeVorss pb
Youth Open The Door Youth Open The Door - A Book By - Eloise Mellor - A guide for today's youth, with discussions of leadership, personal problems, personality, foods and soul growth, etiquette, sex, and finances. ISBN 0875161146