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At the Feet of the Master Narrated by Dana Ivey - 0835620050
The Aura - Geoffrey Hodson - 0835620913 (2 cassettes)
christmasoftheangels.jpg (19370 bytes)Christmas of the Angels (with book) - Dora Kunz - 0835620956
The perennially popular Christmas booklet by clairvoyant author Dora van Gelder Kunz now is available in this new audiocassette. The tape is professionally narrated with musical scoring. Each year, many people give this charming booklet to friends and family as Christmas cards. Dora's original booklet is included with purchase.
"To students of the hidden side of life," Dora writes, "Christmas is a most wonderful reality - a far greater reality than most of us think, since it involves the whole course of Nature and not humanity alone . . .  We must remember that the whole earth is thronged with hosts of super physical beings, angels and archangels and all the Company of Heaven, who stand for the most part at a  higher level of evolution than ourselves and who are responsible for the guidance and control of the manifold process of Nature. It is their thoughts and feelings and activities which play so important a part in the creation of that peculiar atmosphere of good will so noticeable at Christmas; and at this time of the year the whole earth thrills with the wonderful forces outpoured by the angels and with the mighty blessing of the Christ which descends in response to their adoration . . . " 

It is recommended to order directly from the publisher: Theosophical Publishing House/Quest
Godseed : The Journey of Christ- Jean Houston - 0835620964 (2 cassettes)
Healing Powers of Tone & Chant - Don Campbell & Tim Wilson - 0835619060
HOW TO KNOW GOD: The Soul's Journey Into the Mystery of Mysteries
Deepak Chopra
- 0375409491
How to Meditate - Eternal Quest - 0835619036
Journeys Into Meditation and Music - Hal Lingerman - 0835620948 (2 cassettes)
The Kabbalah - Edward Hoffman - 0835620980 (2_cassettes)
Life Force - Jean Houston - 0835621006 (2 cassettes)
Light on the Path Narrated by - Dana Ivey - 0835620069
Mandala - Judith Cornell - 0835621014 (2 cassettes)
Mary's Vineyard - Andrew Harvey - 0835620093 (2-cassettes)
Messages From Your Angles: What Your Angles Want You To Know - Doreen Virtue
Public Like a Frog - Jean Houston - 0835621022 (2-cassettes)
Questions and Answers on Conversations with God - Neale Donald Walsch
ISBN: 1574533363 Publisher: Audio Literature
The Road to Self-Mastery - Serge King - 0835619095 (2-cassettes) (available soon)
The Roar of Silence - Don Campbell - 0835620999 (2-cassettes)
The SEAT of the SOUL - William David Griffith - 1559275588
Shared Visions in World Religions - TS in America - 0835620905
The Voice of the Silence - Narrated by - Paul Meier - 0835620077
Wings of the Spirit - Horatio Costa - 0835630005 (2-cassettes)


The Dove in the Stone - Alice Howell - 0835640124
The Esoteric Nature of Music - Jerry Rosser - 0835640027
Heart of the Koran - Lex Hixon - 0835640000
Jung and the Lost Gospels - Stephan Hoeller
Letters to a Dying Friend - Anton Grosz - 0835640094
The Meaning of Tibetan Buddhist Chanting - Thubten Pende - 0835640043
Memories and Visions of Paradise - Richard Heinberg - 0835640108
Nicholas Roerich : Messenger of Beauty - Jerry Rosser - 0835640019
Reincarnation : The Untrue Fact - John Algeo - 083564006X
The Roar of Silence- Don Campbell - 0835640086
Shamanism - Serge King & Terry Eaton - 0835640078
Stars Cycles and Psyche - Alice O. Howell - 0835640140